Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to take care of your skin!!!!!!

wash your face a lest twice a day with warm water you can use whatever facial you use. i use clearasil for my pimples but i dont really have much so i dont really use it a lot. whatever you do DON'T POP A PIMPLE! because if you do it will leave you a scar and you dont want that..try to aviod touching your face and leaning your face on objects like your phone. so before washing your face or putting on whatever you apply on your face make sure you wash your hands and you will aviod getting pimples. if you wear glasses make sure you clean them around the nose and eyes to aviod clogging up your pores. and if you like wearing tight clothes you really shouldnt because your body cant breath and you will get headbands. DON'T SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON i know sometimes you might forget and sleep with it on but DON'T its really bad for your skin. if you like being outside a lot might sure you wear sunscreen because we all know you need to protect your skin from the sun. okay cold sores i know some people dont do this but for the people that do try to aviod sharing lip balm, get cold sores by the sun,strees or when your sick. so remember wash face,dont share stuff,clean your glasses and dont touch your face.


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